According to the current City Code, it’s unlawful for any person to park any automobile or other vehicle on city streets for a continuous period of more than 48 hours at any one time, unless an oral or written permit is obtained. Such permit can be issued only for good cause and for a period not exceeding 14 days, unless a written permit for a longer period shall have been granted by action of the Mayor and Council, and such permit shall be granted only for good cause.

In order to adhere to the City Code, the “48 Hour Limit” ordinance is enforced upon either, receipt of a formal resident complaint, which is specific to one or more vehicles, and with as detailed a description of the subject vehicle(s) as possible; or under the following circumstances in which a parking officer upon observation (a) which has been illegally parked in some manner, consecutive days, and remains unmoved and in violation (b) that is displaying either no tags, expired tags, or expired temporary tags; or (c) that has one or more flat tires and/or major body damage that deems it inoperable, to consider as possible abandonment.

Staff believes the current “48-hour” rule is generally working to provide for removal of abandoned vehicles from City streets, and usually to accommodate resident complaints. Some residents have expressed concern that a vehicle may end up being towed as the result of a complaint reporting their vehicle in violation of the 48-hour restriction either while they are away from home, or merely have not used their vehicle in over 48 hours. Staff believes this is unlikely given the warnings posted on vehicles and length of time before towing, and Code allowances for long term Council permission.

The Council may consider amending the code allowing unlimited parking of a legally parked, properly registered, and fully operable vehicle, without special permission, in front of the address to which the vehicle is registered. This proposal would simplify the enforcement process and better accommodate residents who minimize the use of their vehicles.

Staff has expressed concern that allowing vehicles to remain unmoved indefinitely could impact effective street sweeping.