Council Mulls Adding Audio Visual Capacity to Davis Hall

Thinking of Council meetings at Davis Hall with live broadcast to City residents? That’s what the City Council will discuss at this week’s Council meeting.

This capacity would provide a backup location for Council meetings, as well as enable the recording and broadcasting of other meetings. The proposed layout would allow for an audience of approximately 45 people. The maximum capacity of the Davis Hall multipurpose room is 88 people (without tables).

City IT staff have received cost estimates for the basic AV equipment and installation required to record meetings, and the equipment required in order to broadcast and live-stream meetings at Davis Hall.

The equipment would be stored in a secure cabinet in Davis Hall when not in use. The cost of installing the required equipment will range from about $27,000 to $35,000. A sample listing of the equipment costs is attached.

Staff thinks adding services like streaming and titles after the initial installation would not incur any significant additional costs compared to installing all of the services at one time.

Davis Hall AV Layout

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