Council Introduces Micro-Grant Program to Promote Community Events

In FY 2015 budget, the City Council has established a Community Events Micro Grant Program. The Program will provide financial awards to residents or groups who wish to hold community events such as block parties, picnics, etc.

The City Council approved the grant in the last Council worksession.

These events are open to communities within the corporate boundaries of the City of College Park and promote enhanced community engagement.. The maximum Community Events Micro Grant Program award per organization for fiscal year 2015 will be $500.00. Fiscal year 2015 commences July 1,2014 and concludes on June 30, 2015.

To provide an orderly application and approval process, the attached policy and forms are proposed for Council approval. Staff has  recommended that individual grants be limited to $500 to allow for a total of 10 micro-grants in FY15.

Councilmembers will  most likely be part of the approval process for events proposed in their Districts. This will allow neighborhood input, through the Councilmember, to avoid any disruptive or unwanted events

Existing policy and approval process for street closings will apply for any events where street closing is requested. That information is also attached.

All grant applications must be received no less than six (6) weeks before the scheduled date of the proposed event. Applications must be e-mailed to publicservices@collegeparkmd.gov to expedite processing, a signed hold harmless agreement should be submitted along with your application.

Questions on application submittal should be directed to the attention of the Director of Public Services, at 240-487-3570, or by email to publicservices@collegeparkmd.gov

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