In tomorrow’s Council meeting, we will be introducing a proposed Charter Amendment to allow for the creation of special taxing districts for the purpose of expanding concurrent jurisdiction of the University of Maryland police and the use of monitored closed-circuit cameras in different parts of the City.

This Amendment comes out of recent discussions with the University about increasing the ability of the University of Maryland police to prevent crime in areas heavily populated by students. Through special taxing districts, only the taxpayers in the impacted areas would be paying the costs of that increased coverage.

The City Charter currently only allows the Council to establish special taxing districts in the City for infrastructure improvements such as lighting, storm drains and parking facilities.

None of the neighborhoods currently under consideration for special taxing districts to be used in this nature are in North College Park.

Please note, in tomorrow’s Council meeting, the Council will only amend the City Charter to allow taxing district. The actual creation of the district will follow another discussion at a later time.

A public hearing on this amendment will be held on Tuesday, April 9, at 7:15 pm.