Council Duscusses Improving Quality of Life Issues with Public Safety Group

The Council reviewed and discussed the Public Safety Operations Group (PSOG) project status report and consider additional initiatives.

The PSOG includes the College Park City University Partnership (CPCUP) Public Safety Sub-Committee, City Multi-Agency Service Team (CMAST), Neighborhood Stabilization
and Quality of Life Work Group (NSQoLWG), Neighborhood Quality of Life Committee (NQoL), One College Park Coalition, and various issue related sub-group meetings.

City staff, per the group’s goals, have implemented the followings (a) Deploy 2 additional CEOs and 1 additional contract police [officer] during times of anticipated high activity such as games; (b) Document all incidents and make student referrals as appropriate; (c) Continue referrals of cases meeting criteria to County Nuisance Board (d) Review Fire code re: large gatherings in single-family homes; ( e) Investigate use of video [recorders] by CEOs from car, body cam, and/or public areas; and (f) Investigate the use of video [recorders] by police of disruptive activity.

Staff plan to work on the followings
in future (a) Review effective legislation in other jurisdictions and use to develop ordinances related to Social Hosts, Gathering and Assembly, and Wailing; (b) Discuss the pros and cons of increasing fines for failure to provide names, from $75.00 to $1,000.00
and first noise offense from $500.00 to $1,000.00; (c) Discuss the value of requiring property owner/manager contact information be posted at or near the front of rental properties; (d) Review rental property insurance requirement for large gatherings, and
consider the requirement of proof of insurance prior to issuance of the City’s Residential Occupancy Permit; ( e)Pursue and obtain injunctions against property owners for continued offenses;

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