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Council Discusses the Future of College Park Parade

At last Saturday’s budget worksession, the Councilmembers discussed the annual College Parade. Based on a straw poll, the Council appears inclined to defund the parade starting next year. The main concern about the cost of holding the parade.

In last year’s parade, about 3,000 residents attended. The total number of participants ranges from 400 to 450. The city has had about 30 groups participate yearly for the past two years. Some of the community groups that attended the parade include:
o Girl Scout Troop 96 and 3163
o Neighbors Helping Neighbors College Park
o Endless Possibilities Equestrian
o Boy Scout Troop 298
o Proteus Bicycles and Brews
o Branchville VFC
o Posh Fitness
o College Park Volunteer Fire Department
o Prince George’s County Police
o North College Park Community Association (NCPCA)
o Prince George’s Community College EMS Program
o MNCPPC- Park Police
o College Park Mixed Martial Arts
o Holy Redeemer School Home and School Association
o Hollywood Elementary School PTA
o College Park Moose Lodge
o Boy Scout Troop 740
o College Park Community Food Bank
o College Park parkrun
o College Park Arts Exchange
o Berwyn Heights volunteer fire department

Last year’s budget was $25k, and the City spent almost half (about $12k) on performers. The second biggest cost was barricades/traffic control at about $10k (which must be outsourced due to the number of streets to close and personnel needed to handle traffic control, road closures, and SHA requirements).

Residents watch performers on the side of Rhode Island Avenue at the College Park Parade

The current parade is not a new event. There used to be a big parade along Rhode Island Avenue each spring to initiate the Boys & Girls Club season. Community members, high school bands, military units, fire departments, scouts, local sports teams, etc. participated. There was a reviewing stand at Duval Field, and according to some long-time residents, awards were given to different groups in the parade. Opening day baseball/softball games were held after the parade. It was very much well attended.

The parade used to be a College Park event for many years.

The Council has yet to make the final budget decision. The Mayor and Council plan to hold its second budget worksession next Tuesday, when the Council may reconsider its decision about funding the parade in 2025. Residents can send their comments on the parade and other budget-related questions to

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  1. David Turley

    Its crazy to defund the parade. that is something the whole family can enjoy. there are other was to cut the budget You wasted money putting the white post on Rhode Island and now want to do this. The City does waste a lot of money on things like the park in the hole

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