At this week’s meeting, Council members discussed this year’s City election with the City’s members of the Board of Election Supervisors.

The Board met with the Mayor and Council at the Worksession on February 2 to discuss and seek direction on the method of this year’s City election in November. Staff told us that Davis Hall is too small for COVID’s social distancing rule and thus holding an election this year. The new City Hall will be also not ready by the election time. Consequently, it was suggested that City should have this year’s election only at the College Park Community Center.

At the February 2 meeting, the Mayor and Council favored an option in which applications for absentee ballots would be mailed to all registered voters. Staff has provided an estimated cost of around $100K to hold the election under this option.

At the last meeting, the Council also favored changing the date of the election from Tuesday to Sunday for purposes of voter convenience. Such a change would require an amendment to the City Charter.