Council Discusses its Wishlist for Park and Planning Budget

In last week’s Council worksession, the City Council discussed a number of requests for the upcoming Maryland Park and Planning budget. Here is a draft list we discussed.

Hollywood Community Park Entrance and Soccer Field— The pedestrian entrance to the park that adjoins the pathway to the Greenbelt Metro Station is in need of improvement. We request a gateway entrance feature to the park to replace the existing chain-link fence. This aesthetic improvement would complement the City’s Lackawanna Streetscape project, which spans from Narragansett Parkway to the Metro entrance and includes street improvements and new pedestrian lighting.

Additionally, we request an evaluation of the Hollywood Community Park field layout and a reconfiguration that would create space for a soccer field.

Feasibility Study of Potential Community Center in the Hollywood Commercial District — The City requested that M-NCPPC engage in a study to analyze the possibility of entering into a joint project with the City of College Park to construct and operate a community center in north College Park. In the FY 2013 proposed budget, M-NCPPC designated feasibility study funding for this project for FY 2016 and potentially more funding the following year to build the facility.

Cherry Hill Neighborhood Park Display Board — The City requests a new display board to be located at the entrance of Cherry Hill Neighborhood Park.

Lighting Study along the Paint Branch Trail — Previously, M-NCPPC emphasized the need for a lighting study to determine lighting needs and preferences along the Paint Branch Trail. We request that M-NCPPC allocate funding in the Capital Improvement Program to complete this study and investigate the possible use of energy-efficient lighting on county trails because of the important role that the trail system plays for pedestrian and bicycle commuting in the county.

Additionally, the Public Facilities Report in the Formula 2040 Functional Master Plan for Parks, Recreation and Open Space recommends that a 12,000 square foot gymnasium be added to the Hollywood Elementary School to meet identified needs. This project is not currently in the CIP and requires a feasibility study to be conducted first. Although the residents of north College Park would prefer a stand-alone community center, the gymnasium expansion would be a reasonable alternative that could move forward more quickly. The city supports this recommendation and requests that funding for both feasibility studies be included in FY 2016.

College Park Woods Playground — The pedestrian entrance to the park is not easily accessible for elderly residents and residents with mobility challenges. We request that you evaluate the entrance and make accessibility improvements.

Lake Artemesia — This is a beautiful park where visitors experience a heightened awareness of the value of our natural areas. It is a perfect location for a pilot program for combined trash and recycling receptacles. The type of receptacle should be coordinated with College Park.

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