At tonight’s meeting, the City Council will continue discussing how to improve City’s annual showcase event – College Park Day.

During the July 5, 2017 Worksession, the Mayor and Council discussed College Park Day and decided to revisit the discussion after the 2017 event.

CollegePark Day is the City’s showcase event. It began in 2009 to highlight residents, businesses and College Park Day relocated to the College Park Aviation Museum and Airport. The Metro garage and the County-owned parking lot near the Metro have been used for attendee parking. Last year, there were more than 160 exhibitors, including civic associations, government organizations, local schools/PTAs, public safety organizations, UMD groups, community organizations, restaurants, and food/beverage vendors. There are no fees for the exhibitors and vendors to attend or sell. The total expenditures for 2017 were $53,431.38.

Fourteenbusinesses sponsored the event, with sponsorships ranging from $5,000 for the Presenting Sponsor, to in-kind sponsorships. Most sponsorships were in the $500 to $1,000 range, and a total of $19,750 was raised. Many surrounding communities hold similar events, with and without outside sponsorships. The previous contractor will no longer be coordinating the event and the City has begun addressing the vacancy. College Park Day 2018 is set for 11 am to 4 pm on Saturday, OCTOBER 6, 2018 at the College Park Aviation Museum. The Council will discuss a few items about the event. (1) What should be the vision for the event? (2)  Who should we target to attend the event? (3) What activities and marketing hiring this outdoor advertising UK will best carry out the vision and attract the target audience? (4) Should we reduce the paid benefits for sponsors and the amount of staff time to increase awareness and branding that this is a City event?(5) Should the City provide a shuttle bus for attendees? (6) What should be the policies to prioritize and regulate vendors and exhibitors that attend the event