Greenbelt Sector Plan Map

In last night’s work session, the City Council discussed the Greenbelt sector plan with Chad Williams, the Chief planner of Maryland Park and Planning department. Mr. Williams is the project manager of this sector planning effort on behalf of the Community Planning North Division of the M-NCPPC.

Here are a few updates from Mr. Williams’ presentation last night and the Q+A session that followed his presentation:

  • The schedule to release the draft plan has been moved to May / June time frame. Originally the release date was January / February this year. The Park and Planning’s website still shows the old time, however it will be updated soon ( they need District council’s approval to update their website.)
  • The north core of the development (the part that is on the east side of Metro/CSX train track) still doesn’t have a detailed site plan (DSP), however they have an approved conceptual site plan (CSP). The DSP will be available when the plan will be released in summer.
  • The Metroland will be the developer of the north core development. The WMATA and the Maryland State  owns most of the undeveloped lands in north core.
  • Metroland is still pursuing to change the alignment of the Narragansett Run East creek. They have submitted an updated plan; we asked Mr. Williams to send us more about the new plan.
  • There will be a community meeting from 7:00–8:00 p.m. at Greenbelt Middle School. The meeting will discuss the plan’s impact on traffic around the area. Unfortunately, many of the north College Park residents won’t be able to come to the meeting due to a conflict with the NCPCA’s January meeting on the same night. We’ve requested to have a separate meeting at a later time for north College Park residents.
  • Based on the feedback from residents, medium developments will be 4-7 stories high, whereas high-density developments will be 8+ stories high within 1/4 mile of the Metro station.

Please let me know if you have further questions.