Council Discusses FY2016 City Budget

Last Saturday, the Mayor and Council started discussing the FY2016 budget.

So far, we’ve covered the revenue, expenditure and capital projects related to the Public Works, Public Services, Administration, Human Resources, Youth and Family Services and Finance departments.

Despite the lack of additional revenue this year, we are able to put some money aside toward a few importanf projects: They include:

  • Complete Streets plan to make the city more accessible to bicyclists and pedestrians
  • The Hollywood Streetscape Plan.
  • Add a RRFB pedestrian signal on Rhode Island Avenue, a security camera at Davis Field, and Berwyn’s Trolley trail
  • Funding for Hollywood Farmers market to host events
  • Funding for the College Park Day.

I’ll post the detailed list later.

At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the Council will continue its discussion on the FY2016 budget to go over the revenue, expenditure and capital projects related to the Planning department.

Please join and find out more at our Budget Town Hall meeting, at 7:00 on April 22 at the College Park Community Library in the basement of the Church of the Nazarene.

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