At this week’s Council meeting, the City Council discussed the current FY2018 Park and Planning budget make a list of items to request in the FY 2019 budget.

In 2017 the City thanked the Board for local investments in the airport and trail connectivity. The City requested (for the second year in a row) additional funding for a new bike/pedestrian bridge and trail connection from the Paint Branch Park on the east side of the Northeast Branch to the trail system on the west side of the river.

Additionally, the Council requested funding for a multipurpose community facility and funding for the re-design and renovation of Hollywood Park. The City’s requests for the new trail connection, initial funding for a community facility in north College Park, and funding for Hollywood Park were not included in the M-NCPPC adopted budget.

Since last year’s discussion of the M-NCPPC budget, City Council members have discussed following potential new requests of M-NCPPC: (a) Continued annual funding for additional senior services (b) Replacement equipment for the Berwyn playground (c) Improvements to the Lakeland playground equipment (d) Rubber surfacing for M-NCPPC playgrounds in the City (e) Solar panels on the M-NCPPC community center (f) Removal of the fencing and barbed wire (excluding the metro track area) around Lake Artemesia (g) Permanent fix to the flooding and debris problem at the pedestrian underpass in Lakeland. The Council may wish to discuss additional requests and to prioritize all requests at tomorrow’s meeting.