At last night’s worksession, the College Park City Council kicked off a discussion about the decennial redistricting of College Park.

This year, the census redistricting data will be released in August and then in September, with different formats. In general, the redistricting process could involve the following steps, and could take 9 months:
(a) Discuss whether to re-apportion the districts and if so, developing the charge to the commission, and appoint the members
(b) Data review and public outreach to lead to the development of the number of redistricting proposals requested by the Mayor and Council.
(c) Presentation of options to the Mayor and Council.
(d) Public Hearings on some or all of the proposals.
(e) Selection of the redistricting plan and adoption of an ordinance.
(f) New Council district maps are drawn up.

The Council also discussed the possibility of changing the Council structure. Any change in the structure will need a charter change. The City Charter §C2-2, “Districts” says: “By enactment of an ordinance, the City of College Park shall apportion itself into four council districts. The City shall review its council districts not less than once every 10 years as soon as feasible after the decennial federal census figures are published. There shall be two Council members elected from each district. The qualified voters in each of the districts shall be entitled to vote for two candidates.”
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