The County Council is currently considering three bills to replace the county’s 50-year old Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations.

  • CB-013-2018 repeals and replaces Subtitle 27 with a new Zoning Ordinance
  • CB-014-2018 establishes a process to reclassify all real property through a Countywide Map Amendment;
  • CB-015- 2018 repeals and replaces Subtitle 24 with new Subdivision Regulations.

At present, the County Council is accepting written comments.

At this week’s Council meeting, the City Council reviewed these bills and may consider approving City’s submission of comments on the Zoning Rewrite legislative package to the District Council. These bills are mostly related to process and procedure about notification to the municipalities and the affected neighborhoods when a DSP is presented. Unfortunately, the new amended map is not ready yet, and will be very unlikely will be available during the time of the current County Council. The City and the residents will get another round of comments period once the draft amended map is available (most likely after the new County Council takes power).