Aging in place

In last Tuesday’s worksession, the Council discussed the possibility of creating a Senior Advisory Committee, to review the services that the City provides for seniors and recommend additional activities and services that the City could provide for its senior citizens.

The mission of the Committee is to advocate for and assist the City Council in providing creative and meaningful activities and services for older individuals. The Committee would also make recommendations to the Mayor and Council and how to best assist in the “Aging in Place” process so that our seniors could remain an active part of our city/community.

Some objectives of the committee include:
1. Coordinate and strengthen public support for seniors and a multipurpose Community Center.
2. Formulate and recommend plans to assist in meeting the critical needs of older adults and adults with disabilities
3. Provide a channel for the dissemination of information regarding senior programs, activities and services.
4. Identify ways in which the city and university community could coordinate inter-generational activities, programs and services with outside stakeholders.

According to the proposal, The Senior Advisory Committee would consist of members appointed by the Mayor and Council with two representatives from the City who will serve as a liaison to the committee. The terms for the all appointees would be two years and they can be re-appointed to additional terms and serve without compensation.

Other cities in the area, such as Howard County, Bowie and Greenbelt, have committees such as this to make recommendations to seniors and have programs to retrofit the homes of senior citizens to allow them to remain there as they get older.

One concern about forming such a committee is about additional funding the group may ask to Council. A similar program in the City of Bowie had to be closed due to such funding issue.

The Council asked the Family and Youth Services to take a look at the possibility of forming the committee.