At the last worksession the city Council discussed the best way to move forward with the proposed streetscape design plan. The Council plans vote tomorrow about awarding the design contract to Sabra, Wang and Associates, with the following goals in mind.

  • The fitness trail planning and design will be less complicated than the streetscape planning and design. The funding will come from Program Open Space, but it was included in this contract to move it forward. It is important to do a 30% design based on a survey and topographic study to determine feasibility and to present options to the community. Staff can examine if the trail design process can move more quickly than the streetscape design.
  • It is intended that an improved streetscape with safer and more attractive pedestrian and bike facilities will improve the economics of these properties and lead to reinvestment. However, we don’t expect that the streetscape investments alone could trigger major redevelopment. We’ll discuss incentives that could be used in conjunction with public area investment which might lead to significant redevelopment. Agreeing on these incentives and developing the streetscape plan at 30% could proceed simultaneously. If we were successful in attracting interest in redevelopment, the 30% plans could be modified to work with the redevelopment plans. The City has been working to recruit a development consultant, who would be a good resource to advise us on the kinds of incentives and development that would likely be successful.
  • Staff will work with the consultant regarding the availability of traffic data that would allow the project to move through the first four tasks more quickly.

The streetscape project team will meet with the Hollywood Neighborhood to review the proposed improvements, as part of the design contract. I’ll keep you posted as we move forward  with this project.