At last night’s Council meeting, the City Council discussed a $1.5 million contract to recruit an architect, a civil engineer, an environmental engineer and a traffic engineer for the proposed City Hall development team.

This last spring Redgate, the City’s and University’s consultant, issued requests for proposals for professional services associated with this project. City and University staff have looked into the responses and have recommended the following candidates

(a) Architect: Design Collective, with a fee of $1,241,960 (plus reimbursables of $38,699). Design Collective is an award-winning architectural firm based in Baltimore with a wide range of experience designing successful and innovative multi-functional projects.

(b) Civil Engineer: A. Morton Thomas & Assoc., with a fee of $198,200.

(c) Environmental Engineer: Arc Environmental, with a fee of $39,670

(d) Traffic Engineer: Sabra & Associates, with a fee of $23,500. At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will discuss these selections and will consider directing staff to finalize the professional services contracts as recommended and bring back to the City Council for award on July 17, 2018.

Since the City Hall development is a joint work between the City and the University, the cost will be proportionally shared by the City and the Unversity based on the square foot area of each development. According to the term sheet, the City is expected to take up 35% of the expenses.