At last night’s meeting, the City Council discussed different ways to cut cost of the Gateway project.

This happened after the City found that an additional $350,000 will need to be added to the budget in order to proceed with the project. Nine bids were received ranging in price from $868,747 – $1,359,890. These bids are still under review and the Council was hoping to award the construction a construction contract award at the May 1, 2018 Council Worksession.

A meeting was held with project consultants to discuss value engineering opportunities for the pavilion since actual costs far exceeded the cost estimate. The pavilion is constructed primarily of steel and bamboo and the recent imposition of steel tariffs has introduced a lot of volatility in market prices.

At last night’s meeting, the staff has been directed to consult with the architect to find a few options to bring down the construction cost. Staff is expected to report to the Council in a few weeks.