On Tuesday, March 12, 2019, the Mayor and Council decided to delay the Public Hearing on Ordinance 19-O-05 (Bulky Trash) in order to allow additional time to consider the legislation.

A new Public Hearing date has not been scheduled at this time. A notice will be posted once the date has been determined.

The Council will most likely discuss the ordinance one more time in another future worksession, before it schedules the new public hearing and vote.

Recently, I asked staff how jurisdictions around College Park address the issue of bulk trash abuse . They all do it somewhat differently.

For example, Montgomery County does not have a limit on item amount per collection , but has a limit on number of collections per year. Montgomery County also has a transfer station which accepts items and will charge residents for drop off materials that weigh over 500 pounds. The DC DPW currently has a 7-item limit. For more than 7 items, customers need to make additional appointments. Another advantage factor for DC is that they have a transfer stations that customers can drop off bulk items daily. The City of Laurel have a base minimum fee of $10.00 and a fee chart below for every item. https://www.cityoflaurel.org/dpw/collections/bulky-items Berwyn Heights charges for special trash that is more than 3 cubic yards and charges for appliances containing freon and tires. Additional information is listed in the SCS Bulk Trash report.

The SCS report and recommendations (http://bit.ly/2UAUkxn) are based on data provided by City’s Public Works Department (DPW). The data include the number of requested collections and their tonnage throughout the year. Unfortunately, the data does not include the number of items per each collection from residences, as the DPW does not keep track of the item counts per collection now.