Thanks to my Council colleagues for coming to the consensus for keeping most of Gateway Park’s existing features. The good news is that two proposed big-ticket items survived the cut. The City will build the park pavilion, and it will acquire the lot as an access from 47th Pl.

As part of the compromise, we had to get rid of a few smaller items. This cut is only 5% of the total construction budget. This list includes getting rid of wind and weather features, upright lights around trees and pathway, and also some park furniture. Modern LED pole lights will replace the bollard lights. The staff was also asked to cut down on some landscaping and hardscaping. The slide will be added as an option during bidding.

Many of you may think cutting such a small amount doesn’t make sense. The Council could have kept these little features as well. But in the interest of moving forward with the project with most useful features, I think we all made a right decision. Some of the features, such as wind/weather features, park furniture could be added after the park is built, as we’ll see more use of the park.

As the park project moves forward, I also want to thank many other residents for raising the issues of providing more information about our other projects. For example, there was confusion about interpreting some numbers quoted in some City document about the Gateway Park project. As I mentioned at last Tuesday’s meeting, I think we need to review the way we share Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) information with our residents. We can probably use models that other jurisdictions use already. For example, here is the format the SHA uses to share their capital projects on their website. . All project-related information, such as project overview, schedule, related documents, maps etc can be found in one place. The schedule is broken into planning, design, engineering and construction phase.

If you have a moment, please send a quick note to the Mayor and Council at and thank them for coming to a consensus and keeping most park features.