At last night’s worksession, the Council decided to weigh in on minimal changes to the City’s Charter.

The Council took a straw vote (5-3) and decided not to go with the option of giving Mayor voting power regardless if there is a tie vote or not. Brennan, Rigg, and Kennedy voted in opposition.

The City Attorney earlier prepared a draft Charter resolution that incorporates the draft amendments and schedules a Public Hearing. In addition to making clarifying amendments, this resolution could also allow the Mayor to vote with respect to alterations of assessments, spending money for a purpose different from the purpose for which the money was appropriated, spending money not appropriated at the time of the annual levy or transferring funds between major budget items and adoption of Charter amendments, regardless if there is a tie vote.

This means the Council will move forward on a Charter amendment with the minimal changes, making our Charter compliant with the State law and clarifying some section of the Charter.