At last night’s Council meeting, the City Council unanimously decided to delay the proposal allowing non-resident to vote at City elections until the September 12 regular meeting.

The proposal’s sponsor Councilmember Nagle made the announcement at the beginning of the meeting. The reason for delaying the vote is to explore the possibility of hosting a referendum at the upcoming November election, CM Nagle said. The request to change meeting agenda was approved unanimously.

The Council plans to discuss the referendum options at the September 5th worksession. At the worksession, we’ll most likely decide the possible referendum question for the November ballot. The Council will then potentially decide whether to hold the referendum at the September 12 meeting.

On another note, the Councilmembers have agreed to extend the comment period on the nonresident voting until September 12. We’d also like to hear your thoughts about putting the issue to a referendum. You can send your comments to the Mayor and Council by sending an email to Thank you!