At last week’s meeting, the Council decided not to vote on a proposal to add a visitor parking zone for residents of the townhouses on Cherokee Street. The proposal asked to add a new zone with visitor parking for the townhome residents on Cherokee Street between Baltimore Avenue and 48th Place. Each address would have been allowed to purchase two annual visitor permits at $1.00 each.

The item was listed as a consent agenda item at last Tuesday’s meeting. The item was pulled out from the agenda at the beginning of the meeting.

The proposal came after the City received resident concerns over available guest parking for residents of the new townhouses at the Boulevard at 9091, formerly called Metropolitan, at the intersection of Cherokee Street and Baltimore Avenue.

Original plans for a multifamily building and parking structure along Baltimore Avenue have been delayed and may be revised. These plans included additional visitor off-street parking for the townhouse residents in the garage. The townhouses are constructed to meet the minimum of two off-street parking spaces per unit. A grace period along Cherokee Street adjacent to the townhouses was granted over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays pending Council discussion of whether these properties should be entitled to resident and visitor permits for on-street parking. The Declaration of Covenants between the City and the developer does not entitle properties in the development to permits for residents or visitor permits for on-street parking. As noted, visitor parking was to have been provided on-site by the developer. At this time, on-street parking and visitor permits are not being issued to townhouse residents.

Many residents in the area sent their concerns about the proposal to create a new zone. According to these residents, this parking was put in place to allow for existing residents and their visitors to have ample parking and thus it should remain the same.

In the future, the Council may consider revisiting the issue of the visitor parking concerns brought by the townhome residents.