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Council Decides Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote at City Elections

cp city hallAt last night’s meeting, the City Council decided to allow non-citizens to register and vote in future City elections, as of 2019.

Thank you, everyone, who came to last night’s meeting. I also want to thank those who wrote to us about the proposed change.

The Council earlier voted against two other amendments – to hold a referendum and to extend voting rights to green card holders as a compromise measure. Both ended in tie votes. Kabir, Day, Cook and Kujawa voted in support and Nagle, Monroe, Brennan, and Stullich voted against. Mayor broke the tie and voted against both measures.

The Council then voted on the original motion on 17-CR-02. The vote was 4-3-1. Nagle, Monroe, Brennan, and Stullich voted in support and Day, Cook and Kujawa voted against. Kabir abstained.

On the Carter amendment itself, I was on the fence. I saw some opportunities and also some risks in the change, which I explained in my closing comments. I very strongly advocated putting the question of the non-residents voting to an advisory referendum. I was hoping the residents’ mandate on the referendum on this subject would have given me a chance to vote on this item one way or another (assuming I’ll still be in the office). Unfortunately, the residents were denied that referendum opportunity last night. In the absence of that clear mandate, I felt it wasn’t the right thing for me to take a position on the proposal.

As it was evident at last night’s meeting, the community is now deeply divided. So is the Council. We do have a lot of work in making our neighbors coming together.


Council May Consider a Compromise Resolution Allowing Green Card Holders to Vote at City Elections


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  1. K, A Termini

    This is truly an insult to all Americans by birth or naturalization who value our Constitution and respect its model. I would welcome an inquiry in this sham by the Federal Government et al. ALL illegals who come forward to register should be subject to a deportation proceeding. This is just another means of feathering the nest of those who seek higher office at the expence of others.

  2. Nunya B. Jones

    We weren’t divided until the council decided to invent this issue and then ram it down the throats of any who dared to disagree.
    Name withheld due to the intolerance of those tolerant folks who are behind this agenda.
    25 year resident, leaving ASAP and campaigning against any who did not vote against this until I go.

  3. Dawn

    Again, thank you for trying to find the path in which the voters had a true say. I would be interested to know if there is not some legal redress to this change based on State law in light of the Helping Americans Vote Act of 2006. I know others stated that Takoma Park allowed non-citizens to vote, but that law was in effect prior to the HAVA law.

  4. disgusted neighbor

    Guess when the mayor doesn’t have anyone running against him, he can do what he likes (and all of the council members that think no one cares).
    Sounds like DM from Scientology. Force everyone, to do his bidding.
    Didn’t we have a war back in the 40’s, that had a group in Germany; that forced their policies on everyone?
    As a 35 year resident of College Park and veteran of the military, looks like it is time to leave.
    Before I go, I know who; and who NOT to vote for; in the coming elections.

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