At tonight’s  worksession, the City Council will continue its discussion about extending Council term from 2 years to a staggered 4 years term.

In the previous discussion, the Rockville Mayor came before the Council and shared the experience of her City, which also changed its Council term from 2 years to 4 years concurrent term.

At tonight’s  meeting, the Council will discuss if a ballot question about the proposed terms could be developed for the November 2019 City election. Public outreach and input could be modeled after the Rockville process of creating a Charter Review Commission or by directing staff, with the assistance of Council members, to hold public hearings or town halls to provide information and gain feedback.

Council may also discuss the following items: (a) Ask the voters if they want 4 district-elected Council members and 4 at-large Council members. (b) Ask the voters if they want to decrease the size of the City Council.