Last night, the City Council supported a request from the property owner to rezone a portion of the Shaban property at the north west corner of Edgewood Rd and Rhode Island avenue. The property include the dry cleaner and a green space behind it. They are both currently zoned as O-S (Open-Space). The adjacent shopping complex is zoned C-S-C.

Several years ago, the property was rezoned OS- Open Space during the Rte 1 Sector process to promote a public benefit of recreational use (community center) back to CSC- Commercial Shopping Center. Other parcels /businesses in the Hollywood Commercial District are zoned C-S-C.

The property owners submitted two requests, to either rezone their entire property as MUI- mixed use infill or to rezone the portion that is currently zoned OS back to C-S-C.

Council approved the request with the following conditions as part of its support for rezoning Parcel A back to CS:
1) label the gross floor area of existing buildings
2) extend potential building envelope closer to the road to be more consistent with urban design recommendatiosn,
3) eliminate access points currently shown on the CSP, show a landscape buffer on portion of property that abuts single family houses.