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Council Approves Hollywood Commercial District Streetscape Design Project

College Park, MD 20740

At last week’s Council meeting, the Council awarded a contract to Floura Teeter, the landscape architect company that recently designed the Hollywood Gateway Park, to make a conceptual design plan for streetscape improvements in the Hollywood Commercial District. These improvements could include street furniture and a pedestrian area, pedestrian lights, better sidewalks and bicycle facilities, and plantings. The project will also evaluate pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access and circulation and use of the Rhode Island service road.

Please see below the scope of this project. We’re expecting the conceptual design to be completed by early next year. Once prepared, we will share the draft designs with the community to get your input.

Project Components
Traffic Analysis
· Observation and analysis of existing conditions including:
o Pedestrian and traffic circulation
o Pedestrian and bike accommodations
o Service road usage
o Turning movements and access issues
o Parking adequacy
· Identification of potential scenarios such as:
o Closure of curb cuts on Edgewood Road
o Closure of all or portion of service roads
· Identification of scenario impacts on adjacent streets and various modes of transportation

Urban Design Analysis
· Review and assess the corridor’s existing plans and zoning along with storm water and traffic regulations
· Inventory and map commercial district features including:
o Bike Facilities
o Curb Cuts
o Right-of-way
o Sidewalks
o Street lights
o Street trees
o Transit routes and stops
o Other amenities
· Identify opportunities for bio-retention areas

Conceptual Design Alternatives
· Develop three concepts for streetscape improvements

· Refine selected concept and provide the following:
o Cross-sections
o Renderings
o Phased implementation plan
o Preliminary cost estimate

Project Outreach
· Presentation of alternative concepts to businesses, property owners, and residents
· Presentation of final concept to City Council

Projected List of Key Meetings
· Project kickoff, including site visit, with staff from College Park and other appropriate agencies
· Review of alternative concepts with staff from College Park and other appropriate agencies
· Presentation of alternative concepts to businesses, residents, and property owners
· Review of final concept with staff from College Park and other appropriate agencies
· Presentation of final concept to City Council
· Additional meetings with staff from College Park as needed.

Project Deliverables
· Materials for public meetings (e.g. maps, PowerPoint slides, cross sections)
· Existing conditions report including summaries of the traffic and urban design analysis
· Draft plan recommendations and report for three alternatives with transportation and streetscape design concepts presented through plans and sketches
· Final plan recommendations and report for final concept with the following components:
o Transportation and streetscape design concept with block-by-block design plan including typical street cross-sections for all key conditions outlining the following:
§ Street design standards
§ Bicycle connections and facilities
§ Pedestrian facilities
§ Other infrastructure projects related to the urban design of the final concept
o Visual designs including cross-sections and renderings
o Phased implementation plan outlining short- and long-term steps
o Preliminary cost estimate broken down by each phase

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you.


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  1. Anita

    What is the cost of this study? Is there a place on the College Park website that lists current studies and past studies and what they cost the city?

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Anita, Study will cost 32,000. The County worked on the intersection in the past. We’ve asked them to provide more information. I will also ask the City staff to provide the past information

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