At last night’s City Council meeting, the Council approved a resolution supporting the Greenbelt FBI development plan.

This limited DSP is for roadway, trail infrastructure and a 3,645 space parking garage. The north core of Greenbelt Station is proposed for mixed-use development including the FBI Headquarters.

The development may have significant impacts on residents in north College Park. Conditions requested by the City focus on potential changes to stormwater drainage and the floodplain and reflected light and noise impacts that may impact residents in College Park. This application is on an Expedited Transit Oriented Development (ETOD) review schedule. A public hearing with the Planning Board is scheduled for April 27, 2017.

The conditions in the City’s letter include that prior to signature approval of the DSP the applicant:

1) provide a revised stormwater management (SWM) concept plan that covers proposed activity at the site,
2) coordinate with M-NCPPC, College Park, Greenbelt and WMATA to address design issues related to the Metro Parking Garage to reduce and minimize direct and reflected light and noise impacts on residential properties located in College Park
3) remove trail alignments shown through Outparcel B and State of Maryland land. Prior to the next DSP approval coordinate with staff from the County, M-NCPPC, Greenbelt and College Park to determine whether the benefits of the trails outweigh the environmental impacts
4) resolve and finalize treatment of the Narragansett and Lackawanna outfalls and the stream crossing of Greenbelt Station Parkway and submit required impact information, including a revised floodplain study and detailed design of the stream crossing
5) coordinate with WMATA, CSX, MTA-MARC to support the internal adjustments in the Greenbelt Station to facilitate pedestrian use of the underpass between College Park and the North Core property so that access will remain publicly accessible and traversable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.