Last night, the City Council unanimously approved the Gateway Park’s design without scaling it down further. We also awarded the construction contract of the project. The Council found the cost-saving options fairly small in amount. We’re also told that we’d have to spend more on design work should we decide to change the current design. Additionally, we’re warned about pricing volatility due to the delay, which may increase construction cost.

Construction of the pavilion should be completed by this fall. The entire park should be ready by early next spring.

I want to thank everyone who voiced strong support for the park project and also those who have been critical of it. As much as we want to add amenities to our district, we also have a fiduciary duty to keep the numbers in check.

Now that the park project is out of the way, we can now focus on other exciting projects, such as the North College Park Community Center project, the Hollywood streetscape project, the Duvall Field project, and the dog park project. Please stay tuned!