Wallace Montgomery was awarded a contract for design and engineering services for the Hollywood Streetscape Project in November 2018. In April 2021, a contract amendment in the amount of $86,155 was approved to add construction and bidding services to the contract.

In October 2021, the contract was increased by $14,500 (Change Order #1) to cover additional work required by the Prince George’s County Department of Permits, Inspection and Enforcement (DPIE) for a drainage system study and slope stability geotechnical investigation and analysis. Wallace Montgomery has submitted a request for Change Order #2 in the amount of $34,850 to cover other additional permit-related work for the “goat path” connections to the shopping center, and additional electrical design and permit coordination during the extended construction
phase of the project.

This project is in the FY23 Capital Improvement Program and is funded through the General Fund, bond bills and Program Open Space. The Finance Director has indicated that additional funding if needed will be utilized, if necessary, from other CIP reserve accounts.

At this Tuesday’s meeting, the Council approved a Contract amendment in the amount of $34,850 to Wallace Montgomery for additional construction phase support services for the Hollywood Streetscape Project.