The City, on behalf of itself and the University of Maryland, issued a Request for Proposals for the furniture that will be required for use at the new City Hall/University Office Building.

Eight bids were received, Price Modern was chosen as the preferred bidder.

The bids did not include pricing for ancillary furniture, such as seating in the Council Chambers, conference room furniture, lobby area furniture, and there are a number of adjustments to the furniture specifications that will have to be made to best adapt the furniture to the built environment, which will result in additional costs.

As a result, continued authorization for up to the full budgeted amount of $2,406,650 is requested for this contract. The actual contract amount for the City will be at or below the $875,672 authorized, with opportunities for cost savings as final selections are made.

The City Council approved the budget at last night’s meeting. The University of Maryland has approved this proposal.