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Council Approves $105K to Help Build Park, Fitness Trail in North College Park

Early this month, College park City Council approved a total of nearly $105,000 to help build the Gateway Park and a fitness trail around the Hollywood (REI / MoM) Shopping Center.

Council approved the FY2017 Program Open Space (POS) allocation using $20,000 for land acquisition to expand the Hollywood Gateway Park and using $94, 712 for the wellness trail around Hollywood Shopping Center as proposed by staff.

Prince George’s County’s allocation of POS funds in FY2017 is $3,258,859; College Park will receive $114,711.84 (3.52%) of this allocation. In most years the City is required to spend equally between acquisition of land and development projects. This year the City has the ability to spend the entire amount on development projects. Development projects require a 25% match of local funds.

The Hollywood Gateway Expansion project is set up to buy additional land for the Hollywood Gateway Park, specifically land behind 4705 Edgewood, the house next to the park property so that access to the park can occur from 47th Avenue and to acquire an easement for property adjacent to the 4703 Edgewood, near Route 1. The City is currently negotiating with the property owner to acquire the land. Click here to see updated Punjab Land Records.

Gateway Park at Rt1 and Edgewood Road

In FY2014, $82,988 in POS funds were allocated towards the Hollywood Gateway Park Expansion; the FY2017 recommendation by staff is to add another $20,000. For design and construction of the Hollywood Gateway Park $437,675 of POS funding has been allocated: $328,257 state funding and $109,418 local funding.


A concept rendering of Hollywood Streetscape project showing fitness trail around the stores in Hollywood Shopping Center.




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  1. Sam

    This is great news! I think the fitness trail will garner a lot of use. Is there a proposed timeline for the project? And any way to see more info on the design?

  2. Charles dickerson

    It would be nice if you filled in the creek!!!

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