At last Tuesday’s Council meeting, the city Council agreed to remove four trees on Wichita avenue.

The original motion was to replace the Zelkov trees on 9700 block of Wichita avenue. The motion was modified later to replace them. The City may plan native trees there or elsewhere after consulting with the residents.

Several residents on the block have complained about some nuisances caused by these trees. They include sidewalks buckling , obstructed street lighting, bird droppings, birds singing at night, electrical problems, and sewer problems from roots. These trees were planted in the Spring of 1999.  The cost to remove the 3 trees & grind the resulting stumps is about $2,100.

New replacement trees could run about $600. The Council discussed the topic back in 2013 with staff and the Tree and Landscaping Board (TLB), however did not take a formal position.