Council Agrees to Promote Hollywood Farmers Market

Hollywood Farmers Market

Hollywood Farmers Market

In last night’s worksession, the City Council decided to fund a market master and other measures to promote the Hollywood Farmers market.

The Hollywood Farmers Market operated in 2013 without the services of a paid market master as the role was filled by various volunteers. In this upcoming 2014 season, the resident-run Hollywood Farmers Market Committee will continue to oversee vendor recruitment, marketing efforts, and other activities outside the market day.

However, the group is seeking City assistance to fund a market master to manage market activities on-site each Saturday. In February, the City issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for a Farmers Market Master at the Downtown College Park and Hollywood Farmers Markets, and only one person responded with an offer within the City’s budget. Both markets will open the weekend of April 26th and will run through the weekend of November 22nd for a total of 31 markets each.

With this schedule, based on the proposal received, the cost for a market master per market would be $4,092.00 for the season. Currently, $12,826.98 remains in the Farmers Market account.

In last night’s meeting, the Council decided to fund for the Market Master and work at the Hollywood Farmers Market in addition to the Downtown Market.

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