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Council Accepts Responsibility, Seeks to Unify Community, following Reversal of Charter Amendment Results

Last Tuesday night, many of our neighbors were disappointed seeing the non-binding referendum denied by the City Council. Last night’s announcement reversing the Charter change may have given them some sense of relief, but I can feel the disappointments of other neighbors who were happy to see the change happened Tuesday night. The following statement we made yesterday morning will hopefully help bring our neighbors together on this matter. Thank you!



Recent Charter Change Did NOT Pass Due to Insufficient Votes!


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  1. Fazlul, Council and staff seem to still be mistaken on this matter. Prior to the June charter amendment (raising the requirement to 6 votes) a charter amendment still needed 5 votes, not 4, to pass. So regardless of the change made in June, this amendment would not have passed. I hope the City staff is making a thorough review of all prior charter amendments to ensure that they were all passed as per the Charter requirements.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Hi, I can double check; my understanding is that with Mayor’s vote the outcome would be 5-3.

  3. Gabriel Winebrenner

    I would hope, we can move on and be more united upholding the values of federal law/citizenship, despite this divisive move to separate us in the first place.

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