Council to Vote on Duvall Field Park Design This Week

The Council received the 60% design plans on September 6, 2022. Two features, in particular, were not part of the original scope of services but were conceptually developed by the design consultant KCI based on public, staff and City Council input.

These are the splash pad and enhanced amphitheater/bandshell with storage and audio/visual. The design, bidding and construction management associated with these elements were not included in KCI’s project budget. KCI is requesting additional compensation to add these features to the plans and to recover expenses already incurred to pursue them. The proposals are summarized below.

(a) Additional fees for 60% design – $18,765 for the preliminary design, coordination with vendors, cost estimation and document preparation.
(b) Amphitheatre/Bandshell – $79,372 to engage an architectural sub consultant to design two wood-framed storage room buildings and an audio/visual sub-consultant to design a sound and lighting system to assist KCI with
( c ) Splash Pad – $60,447 to engage a specialty splash pad sub-consultant to assist KCI with the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and design, construction, and permit documents.

At this week’s meeting, the Council will consider approving the contract amendment with KCI Technologies, Inc. for $158,584

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