The Odessa Playground will include a combo swing for adults and children to swing together facing each other [Photo credit:]

Great news! Construction of the Odessa Park project will be getting underway soon, as early as next week.

The contractor will begin removing bamboo, trees and vegetation to prepare the site for grading and construction of the park. Construction vehicles will be accessing the Park project via Odessa Road.

More information about the Odessa Park project can be found at

UPDATE: There could be some questions/concerns about the trees being removed from the lot as part of the project. According to staff, the construction plans indicated about 16 trees for removal. A few of them are already dead and about 6 trees are under 6” in diameter; 2 are not going to be removed. The existing stand of bamboo will be removed. The planting schedule includes 20 trees to be planted and 14 shrubs. Thirteen of the trees will be evergreen to provide year-round screening. The new plants will be planted around the northern perimeter of the site to provide screening between the existing homes and the park. Hope this helps.