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Concerns Raised About Starbucks Drive Through in College Park Marketplace

Starbucks College Park

Starbucks College Park

Several residents have raised concerns to me about the drive through of the Starbucks at the College Park Marketplace.

It appears that the drive through was not designed in the best manner for that location. The line at the drive through is backing up onto the service road leading into the shopping center. It looks like the driveway is not long enough to take all the cars that line up during the busiest hours.

One resident told me that this is the 3rd time that he turned off of Cherry Hill Rd. into the shopping center and almost rear end another car. A few other residents expressed a similar concern.

Speaking with the store manager, it appeared to me that they were aware of the issue and assured me to escalate to their upper management. We’ve also asked our engineering and planning staff to take a look at this and come up with new Drive Thru Markings. It’s truly is a public safety issue and we hope it’s resolved soon.


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  1. anon

    This is great news, but I wonder if we could also do something about the rampant speeding on the residential roads on both sides of Rhode Island Avenue? Edgewood, Hollywood, Lackawana, Muskogee and streets like 48th, 50th, 51st, and 52nd avenue and Narragansett have way too many drivers going too fast. These are residential streets with a lot of street parking. The number of people going in excess of 40mph on neighborhood streets is out of hand.

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