Like last year, I’m planning to organize a winter clothing drive this year.

With the help of neighbors like you, school parents and members of faith groups, we collected some 30 large boxes of cloths last year. The donated items were later distributed to the local residents and charities such as Pregnancy Center in College Park and other charities in DC and Baltimore.

If you plan to come to the Jan 14 NCPCA meeting, you can drop off your donation items in the donation bin at the Davis Hall.

Clean out your closets and pass along your used winter cloths to needy children and senior citizens in the neighborhood and local charities. We will be accepting any warm cloths, such as coats, sweaters, jackets, pants, gloves and scarves etc. Please make sure that the items are clean, has no stains, extreme wear, holes or tears. 

For more information, please contact me at 301-659-6295 (email