The West College Park Civic Association, D-4 Councilmembers, and Del. Joseline Peña-Melnyk invite you to a community meeting:

ON Sunday, September 23rd, at 7pm (meeting to start at 7:30pm)
AT The College Park Woods Swim Club (3545 Marlborough Way)

to discuss two items:
the purchase of the swim club property by the City of College Park – what are plans for the future?
the University’s proposed plan to break up the UMd Golf Course and its implications
Swim Club: It has been a few years now while the Swim facility has not operated and the Club’s Board and the City have negotiated for the purchase of the property. The property is now in the hands of the City. It is time now for the rest of the community to engage in a discussion of what we want at this site that would meet the needs and interests of the community, within reason. Our plan should be to set up committee or committees of interested residents to discuss and come up with a proposal for the City. Sunday’s conversation will be the start of this effort. The City Manager, Scott Somers, will attend this meeting to supply information and the City’s current perspective.

Golf Course Development: We expect this discussion to take up most of the time.

The University has once again launched an initiative to disrupt the golf course. You may recall that about 5 years ago, the University proposed to build townhouses and one (or more) “Big Box Stores” on the golf course, citing those as urgent and critical needs (it was not clear for whom – the developer?). This proposal was halted with united and strong opposition from elected county and state officials, push back from the community and the active engagement of the “Friends of the Golf Course” .

It appears that the Golf Course is once again on the chopping block. This time a hodge podge of the Purple Line, overall lack of recreational and parking space at UMd are cited as the culprit. The proposal is to take 4-5 holes of the Golf Course and turn them into recreational fields for intramural sports, and a parking lot for 600 cars. Given the swing from town houses to recreational fields, it is unclear to us exactly how the University plans for land use. Leaving an nonviable golf course is clearly the first step towards taking all of the land the golf course currently stands on. The official presentation given by UMd to the community can be found here:

Please go through the slides in this presentation before Sunday’s meeting as we don’t have the facility to project them at the meeting.

Comments from the community are accepted by the University at

We will start with a social half hour from 7-7:30pm. The meeting will begin at 7:30pm.

Please attend and participate.
[Source: Suchitra Balachandran]