This week, the City Council will discuss a license agreement for a community garden proposed for the Shaban property, located at 9900 Rhode Island Avenue, College Park, at the north west corner of the Rhode Island Avenue and Edgewood Rd. intersection.

Earlier this year, We ran a survey among the residents about the proposed community garden at various locations in north College Park. Among three locations, the location at the 9900 Rhode Island ave was favored by most respondents. You can find more about the garden here on the Diamondback.

The proposed community garden would have some fiscal impact for the installation of the garden, to build the planting beds, buy planting mulch and install the temporary fencing/netting, in the amount of $2,500. There is an attorney fee cost of up to $1,200 to reimburse the owners for legal review of the License Agreement, and an ongoing water/utility fee. These costs are not currently budgeted. There is no cost for the use of the property.

City attorney has developed a liense agreement for review by the owner, who has agreed to the terms. If adopted soon, the Hollywood community garden can be in cultivation this spring. The owner will make a water source available, and the City will pay for the utility bill attributable to usage by the gardeners.

We plan to organize a community project to prepare beds for the garden early next month. I’ll let you know once we have more information.