Public forum at Davis Hall

The City established a Charter Review Commission (CRC) to hear from our residents on the benefits and concerns associated with changing the length of the term for elected officials from two to four years, and on the benefits and concerns related to staggering those terms or having them run concurrently.

The Commission held two public forums, one at the City Hall, and another at Davis Hall early this year.

Recently, the Committee published its report, which can be found here on City’s website.

The report covers a wide range of topics related to the term extension proposal.

  • Voter engagement
  • Student participation
  • Accountability
  • Recall provision
  • Continuity
  • Election costs and a consideration of staggered terms
  • Frequency of campaigns from the candidates’ perspective
  • Commitment to four-year term

I want to thank the members of the committee for doing an outstanding job in exploring these issues. Also, thanks to the residents who participated in this study.