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Comfort Zone to Face County Hearing

After receiving two violations and failing to ‘correct’ its alleged business practices, the ‘adult store’ Comfort Zone will be appearing at a zoning hearing before the county’s Board of Zoning Appeals next month.

City officials are expected to attend the hearing, as they are the main prosecutors in this case, enforcing the county’s zoning laws.

The hearing was first scheduled last Wednesday (January 19), but was postponed to March 2.

The reason for the postponement is a bit unclear. While one City official wrote to me that the hearing was postponed “at the request of the business owner”, but according to this Diamondback piece, it was postponed “because not enough members were present to hold a vote” at last week’s scheduled hearing.


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  1. LMA

    It’s a sex shop!? I drive by “Comfort Zone” every day I go to work and from the name, assumed it was a shoe store trying to gain customers who thought it was part of the “Comfort One” chain! LOL!

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