Comfort Zone map

The Comfort Zone, the newly opened store in North College Park on Route 1 has recently received a zoning violation notice for selling adult related products.

The City of College Park issued the notice on October 12, with a reinspection date set for November 13.

The notice was issued based on the determination that the store is not operating within the parameters of its use and occupancy permit.

Licensed under the name “The Pleasure Zone Inc”, the Comfort zone store is located at 9721 Baltimore Ave (Route 1), next to Dunkin Donuts store.

Store’s co-owner Robert Carl maintains that “explicit” adult related materials only makes up less than 10% of the store’s floor space and thus the store does not violate the county’s zoning law. Mr. Carl made these assertions in an interview with the Diamondback, referring to section 27-902 of the Prince George’s County code, which defines an adult book or video store as a store with more than 10% of its retail floor space dedicated to pornographic materials

The City council member Patrick Wojahn does not agree.

“The U&O (Use and Occupancy Permit) was issued for a ‘variety/department store’, similar to a dollar store. The U&O specifically states that the business is not supposed to sell anything classified as “adult products.”– said Mr. Wojahn, justifying the violation notice.

Last year, the County council overwhelmingly approved restrictions on adult book and video stores in response to residents’ complaints that the businesses attract crime and ruin the character of their neighborhoods.