Please See below the latest version of the City’s Action Plan for FY 2014. This includes the priority actions set by the Council for the next fiscal year.

There will be a public forum on April 9th at 7 pm at City Hall to get feedback on the actions proposed by the Council and any other City initiatives that residents would like to see. If you have ideas, you can testify on the 9th or submit them to the City Clerk, Janeen Miller, by e-mail at

This action plan aligns with the Strategic Plan adopted by City Council August 10, 2010. As an annual road map for strategic plan implementation, this action plan intentionally focuses on a relatively manageable and strategic set of actions for approximately one fiscal year. Most of the steps included in this plan are assumed to have a finite scope (ideally within 1 year) and are strategically oriented towards change and improvement in College Park. Before the end of FY 2014, City Council and City Staff will develop an action plan for FY 2014.

It is understood that some activities in the FY 2014 action plan will be repeated in the plan for FY 2014 and beyond because they span multiple years and are considered ongoing. The steps in this action plan are in addition to ongoing daily operations and recurring annual activities in the City.

City Council and City Staff will annually review and update the action plan in conjunction with the annual budget development process. Action steps that may not be completed in one year will be reconsidered and, where decided, carried forward into to the next year.

Goal I: Consistent high quality and cost-effective public services that contribute to a safe and welcoming City for all.

1) Objective 1: Improve public safety and reduce crime by utilizing contract police officers, collaborating with other police agencies, and encouraging community participation.
a. Work with UMD to explore expansion of the concurrent jurisdiction area to additional areas in the City. b. NEW ITEM: consider expanding security cameras to additional streets. c. NEW ITEM: review and implement where applicable, recommendations and considerations related to public safety from the Neighborhood Stabilization and Quality of Life Workgroup (NSQLWG) and from the CPCUP Public Safety Workgroup.

2) Objective 2: Improve local schools that serve City of College Park residents through collaboration with strategic partners including the Prince George’s County Public Schools and the University of Maryland. a. NEW ITEM: Continue to work to find a permanent home for the College Park Academy and assess performance progress after one year of operation. b. NEW ITEM: Measure success through outcomes achieved as a result of school grants.

3) Objective 3: Expand recreational, social and cultural activities for city residents. a. NEW ITEM: explore options for funding the creation of a micro-grant program which would incentivize and support neighborhoods in organizing block parties.

4) Objective 4: Strengthen well-being of residents that seek assistance through youth, family and seniors program.
a. Expand public information about available senior programs and recreation activities to seniors in homes throughout the city.
FY 2014 Action Plan (Short Version) – MARCH 6, 2013 DRAFT
b. NEW ITEM: consider inviting outside resources to share information and resources with seniors in homes for women and men who need regular checking in (separate from Youth, Family, & Services). c. NEW ITEM: create a seniors “aging in place” ad hoc committee of the Council to explore options for the creation of an “aging in place” program in College Park to help seniors to remain in their homes.

5) Objective 5: Improve customer / constituent service to better serve College Park residents.
a. Provide ongoing staff training in resident relations / constituent services and customer service, including timely responses to phone calls. b. NEW ITEM: coordinate with the County Department of Planning, Inspections, and Enforcement to streamline the county and city permitting processes. c. NEW ITEM: analyze options for initiating online permitting services.

Goal II: Convenient transportation options that improve local travel and manage congestion.

1) Objective 1: Advocate for state and other resources to rebuild Route 1 to improve its safety, efficiency, and appearance.
a. Lobby State Legislature, State Highway Administration and County Council to allocate funding to rebuild Route 1.
b. Work with M-NCPPC and SHA to require Route 1 developers to implement street improvements with new development or, if not feasible, pay a fee-in-lieu.
c. Establish a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district strategy to help fund infrastructure improvements. d. NEW ITEM: develop and implement a complete streets policy with community input.

2) Objective 2: Support development of transit options that increase convenience, accessibility, and mobility.
a. Continue to market and brand THE BUS Route 17 as a Route 1 Main Street shuttle.
b. Implement Route 1, Rhode Island Ave., Campus Drive, and other bus corridor enhancements.
c. Participate in Purple Line design and preliminary engineering for alignment and stations.
d. Continue funding and promoting use of Shuttle-UM pass for city residents and employees. Work with DOTS to get more reliable statistics.
e. Develop a city-wide bicycle plan.

Objective 3: Develop and implement Transportation Demand Management (TDM) strategies [on Route 1].
a. Support establishment of a Route 1 TDM District.
b. Require developers to prepare trip reduction plans for new development.
c. Seek funding for infrastructure improvements including bike trails and amenities and sidewalk construction.
d. Direct traffic to least congested arterial and connector routes with improved signage and websites.

3) Objective 4: Improve traffic, pedestrian, and bicycle safety.
a. Explore options to provide safer access to major arteries from all City neighborhoods.
FY 2014 Action Plan (Short Version) – MARCH 6, 2013 DRAFT

Goal III: Lead the College Park community in environmental conservation, protection, restoration, and energy efficiency.

1) Objective 1: Implement strategies to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. a. EDITED ITEM: develop and implement a community emissions action plan as part of the Sustainable Maryland Certified Green Team. Obtain bronze certification through Sustainable Maryland Certified program and continue to pursue projects for higher-level certifications. b. NEW ITEM: receive a current sustainability report from CBE to determine next steps.
c. Establish a LEED-based sustainability standard for new development projects within the City jurisdiction.
d. Promote greater use of carpooling and public transit by City staff.
e. Encourage greater City staff participation in energy efficient practices.
f. Pursue other grant resources to support activities addressing energy efficiency.
g. Continue to pursue legislation for a home energy loan program for residents to make energy efficiency improvements. If legislation passes, pursue development of the program.

2) Objective 2: Develop strategies to effectively manage local water resources and storm water runoff.
a. Review site plans for developer compliance with new storm water regulations.
b. Incorporate best practices for storm water management into all City projects to the extent feasible.
c. Encourage reduction of impervious surfaces in public and private property.
d. Work with the Prince George’s Police and develop education materials to discourage illegal dumping and enforce anti-dumping laws in the City.

3) Objective 3: Increase and enhance parks and green spaces.
a. Develop a citywide parks and recreational facility inventory in preparation for future improvements and new green spaces. b. NEW ITEM: explore options for community gardening at the Endelman property in North College Park. Discuss options with property owners.
c. Proceed with construction phasing of Duvall Field renovation with community input.

4) Objective 4: Divert waste from landfills by continuing to increase participation in reduce/reuse/recycle programs.
a. Plan and execute public education program to promote recycling, with a focus on newly accepted recyclables.
b. Promote increased business participation in recycling.

Goal IV: Neighborhoods that are safe, peaceful, attractive and retain their community character.

1) Objective 1: Effectively and fairly enforce city and county codes and ordinances. a. NEW ITEM: explore options for expanding noise enforcement capabilities according to recommendations from the CPCUP Public Safety Workgroup.
FY 2014 Action Plan (Short Version) – MARCH 6, 2013 DRAFT
b. NEW ITEM: review and implement where applicable, NSQLWG recommendations and considerations related to code enforcement.

2) Objective 2: Increase the rate of home ownership.
a. Cultivate relationships with residential realtors to increase their knowledge of College Park’s assets and positive attributes. b. NEW ITEM: create an annual report of city accomplishments which will be used to market the city.

3) Objective 3: Preserve and promote neighborhood resources that build a sense of community for all residents. a. EDITED ITEM: work with residents and the Farmers’ Market Committee to explore options regarding a craft fair or farmers’ market in the Hollywood Commercial District.

Goal V: Expand the local economy and tax base with socially responsible development.

1) Objective 1: Encourage revitalization of the Route 1 corridor consistent with the desires and needs of the local community.
a. Develop and track inventory of sites available for rent and redevelopment.
b. Work with developers to help identify businesses for new retail space. c. EDITED ITEM: Pursue Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to support public infrastructure improvements associated with new development. d. NEW ITEM: explore collaboration with the University of Maryland to market the city as a tourist destination.

2) Objective 2: Encourage revitalization of the Hollywood Commercial District. a. EDITED ITEM: complete design of the Hollywood Commercial District streetscape plan and explore options for funding.
b. Continue to work with business owners interested in forming a Hollywood Merchants association or other type of support network.

3) Objective 3: Support and attract diverse locally-owned high-quality retail and restaurant businesses with unique character and a commitment to local quality of life.
a. Identify and promote available commercial space to prospective tenants.
b. Market downtown College Park as a destination location.
c. Expand the sign grant program to include façade improvements. d. NEW ITEM: work with SBA and SPTDC to assist and market current College Park businesses and to attract new businesses. e. NEW ITEM: develop an economic development committee which would solely look at the potential to develop a marketing / business plan for the city to help attract business in the area.

4) Objective 4: Increase the diversity of job opportunities.
a. Encourage University incubator businesses to remain in College Park by marketing suitable available space.
b. Work with Small Business Development Center to provide support to existing business owners and encourage new entrepreneurs to locate in College Park.
FY 2014 Action Plan (Short Version) – MARCH 6, 2013 DRAFT

5) Objective 5: Increase the diversity of available quality housing.
a. Identify developers to build corridor infill housing consistent with the Route 1 Corridor Sector Plan. b. EDITED ITEM: Encourage affordable graduate student housing in University development plans and encourage future developers to set aside a certain percentage of housing for graduate students in other project opportunities.

6) Objective 6: Facilitate development in the College Park Metro Station area.
a. Work with WMATA on joint development projects.
b. Market public property in the Transit District Overlay Zone to the private sector.

7) Objective 7: Encourage revitalization of the Berwyn Commercial District.
a. Evaluate Berwyn Commercial District zoning and consider expanding usage.
b. Settle outstanding issues related to the completion of the Berwyn portion of the College Park Trolley Trail.