in August 2019, the design-build contract to demolish and construct a new College Park Woods Community meeting space was awarded at $554,670. The scope of work and required design changed based on the community input.
Subsequently, in May 2020, the Mayor and Council approved a contract amendment for $999,776. In July 2021, the contractor requested a budget increase to $1.4 million, citing the industry’s elevated cost of materials, supply chain and labor due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
After numerous meetings with the contractor, the City Project Management Team recommended releasing the contractor, which the Council approved in September  2021.
In December 2022 – DPW took over the application for the building construction permit process.
DPW is now estimating a 3–4-month process to obtain DPIE approvals and permits to proceed with Phase II. As a result, an RFP for construction is expected to go out for bid in June 2023. We anticipate substantial completion by late spring/summer 2024.
At tonight’s meeting, the Council will consider approving an Agreement with SP for the College Park Woods Clubhouse for an estimated $60,000.00. Budget: $600K remains in the FY23 CIP budget for building construction. An additional $400K will be requested for the FY 2024 budget year for the increases in costs for construction.