Outdoor Advertising - New Carrollton Style

In tonight’s council session, the Mayor and Council will approve an agreement with Creative Outdoor Advertising to place trash and recycling bins around the City.

The Create Outdoor Advertising is a Florida based company that provides free trash and recycling bins to municipalities in exchange of revenues from the advertisements placed on the bins.

Earlier, in February this year, the City considered two companies to place cost free trash bins across the town.

The exact places of the free public trash and recycling containers around the City will be determined by the City staff and COA , in exchange for granting COA an exclusive right to sell advertising on the trash and recycling cans.

Some of the stations will also be offered to the City of College Park for its own use in promoting issues of public interest. COA will maintain the trash and recycling stations for free, while the City will pick up the trash and recycling.

The City of New Carrollton awarded COA to place recycling trash bins in June this year. According to the Gazette, municipalities cannot afford to do public space recycling programs because of the costs. Recycling units can run between $1,300 and $2,000 each.

Unlike College Park, which collects its own recycling items, Creative Outdoor in New Carrollton is responsible for collection and would need to contract with another company to pick up the recycling