A good news. Recently, The Washingtonian paper listed College Park as one of the few towns in the Washington DC area that will be “booming” in the decades to come. Please read that story here

The paper says the following for its reason of this future “boom” in the city.

These neighboring suburbs are Prince George’s County’s chance to create its answer to Arlington—young, upwardly mobile, increasingly urban. Befitting its status as a member of the Big Ten, the University of Maryland is upping its college-town game, working with planners on a $2-billion reinvention of a stretch of Route 1 known for bars and auto shops. New apartments have gone up along the corridor, and MilkBoy, a hip artspace from Philly, has replaced dingy dives. In a few years, the Purple Line will intersect with the Green Line, making the area a transportation hub.