At last week’s meeting, the College Park City Council adopted a resolution stating that it apologizes for the systemic racism that once existed many years ago, causing City’s 130 years old African American community mostly disappear.

The motion came as an amendment to the resolution in support of Black lives following the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd. Please see the adopted resolution here.

The resolution is a step in the right direction towards restoring justice and trust among City’s African American community in particular and the minority communities in general. We hope to have more discussion in the coming days and months. Ideas include forming a commission to explore steps to seek opportunities for restorative justice.

Please read more about this Washington Post article to know more about this.

Please join next Monday’s forum on Community relations to discuss more to discuss this and also, what needs to happen in the short and long run to heal the wounds and to bring a sense of calm in the community.

Two distinguished members of the Lakeland community, Maxine Gross, and Robert Thurston will be on the panel to discuss these topics. Ms. Gross is the former College Park City Council member and the Chairperson of the Lakeland Heritage project. Mr. Thurston is the president of the Lakeland Civic Association.

Please bring your questions and let us know what more needs to happen.

When: 7:30pm, Monday, June 15, 2020
Join via the web: Zoom link:
Join by phone: (301) 715-8592, Meeting ID: 835 5646 4312 Password: 39399