At last night’s meeting, the Council discussed and approved an amendment to the license agreement for the installation of small wireless facilities and the application process.

City staff has been contacted by Verizon, which has been developing plans for placement of small wireless facilities in City rights-of-way and wish to have discussions about how to move forward.

The City is the first municipality in Prince George’s County to be contacted by Verizon with the intent to move forward in the immediate future.

There are approximately 38 proposed installations in the City, to be phased in overtime. The majority of these will be in residential areas. 21 cells will be installed on the existing Pepco poles, 1 on the City-owned structure, and the remaining will be installed on Verizon poles.

The polygon map from Verizon shows the areas in which they are proposing to install small wireless facilities. This shows the architecture of the full system. Not all of the facilities will be applied for and installed at one time.

During the Q+A period, Verizon representatives told us the installation could be completed by next year.

In considering Verizon’s proposals, the Staff looked to other jurisdictions for operational and process guidance and is recommending a few recommendations.

The amended license agreement will include a termination for convenience clause, which is included in most City agreements. This provision is objected to by Verizon on the basis of the amount of time it will require to recoup its investment.

To the extent not in conflict with the City’s Code, the License Agreement also incorporates the County’s, Design Manual.

At last night’s meeting, the Council approved the amendment of the License Agreement for deployment and installation of small wireless facilities and support structures.

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